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  1. Carefully pop out the net from carry bag
  2. Place net flat on the floor
  3. Insert side pole on each side 
  4. For outdoor use, insert 4 stakes to the red straps located on each corner
*If desired, use the ropes on both sides to further stabilize the net with the remaining 2 stakes or by using any weighted object


    1. Lay net flat on the floor 
    2. Grab any corner and fold to opposite corner 
    3. Bring it up to your chest. It should look like a shape of a "Taco" 
    4. Lean net down to one side so it is grounded
    5. While still holding one hand, use other free hand to tuck in the net towards the middle 
    6. With the two remaining circles, put on top of each other 
    7. Pack away (Video Below)


    1. Take out and lay flat on ground (Make sure correct side is up)
    2. Insert Roof Pole (Thin Poles) into Roof Flap (Poles should be sticking out evenly on each side) 
    3. Then, set up Golf Net by inserting Side Poles (Thick Poles) on each side
    4. Once inserted, adjust Side straps on each side to tighten Golf net, accordingly
    5. Once Golf Net is standing, insert the Roof Pole into eyelet and carefully tighten roof strap on each side 


    *Red strap goes on the bottom 
    1. Attach Side Protection inwards to further cover and protect 
    2. Locate first Velcro attachment and start from the way top
    3. Follow through and attach the rest of the Velcro from Top to Bottom
    4. Extend and use any weight or ground stake to hold down Red Strap