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Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle #3: SPG-7 Net + 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat + Spornia Pop-up Chipping Net + Shot Indictor Target (*MELB ONLY)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Fraser

Net and Matt are first class. So easy to set up and pack away. I can hit real balls as hard as I can and the backing sheet just quietly collects the ball and spits them back to my feet.

Wish i had bought this net sooner! Amazing! And Mark & Andi from Spornia Australia are fantastic!

I was looking at a net to get in some practice at home in little pockets of down time as these slots werent enough time to get to the range to practice and I felt like i had stagnated at 9dcp as i could only play "cold" on a Sat comp and that was it, no practice at all. I have limited space (garage or patio) and needed a solution that could be set up and packed away easily and without a lot of mess or fuss, to keep the wife happy. After researching it seemed like the Spornia fit the bill, but you always have doubts. Wow...it is exactly as advertised. For a portable net it is amazing. It is no exaggeration to say that i can put it up in less than 30 seconds, and pack it down in a minute, maybe a minute and a half max. Honestly. Its that quick.

The net is really well made, the structure itself feels like it will last and last, and I think it is a very smart design that there is a loose, replaceable hitting sheet that takes all the force of the golf shots. That sheet has taken 3 weeks of hitting and doesnt show any marks at all. Ive used full driver, 3 wood, irons etc so its not been coddled. But even if it eventually wears out, you can just replace it, rather than the whole net.

I would also suggest buying a good mat - the 3D Pro Turf mat is an excellent addition and makes the whole experience better. Maybe i will eventually add some kind of mat that replicates a thicker lie as the 3D turf mat is more like a fairway.

I basically pop the net out in the garage, put down the mat, and then have a hit. I fit hits in little pockets of time - eg 30 minutes and because of the ease of set up and pack down, its not a chore or a disincentive to have a hit. And its so great to hit full blooded shots in the comfort of your own home. Being able to hit balls, film your swing, or do wacky drills, or whatever you like, without worrying about other people like when your at the range is a total game changer for me. I already can see its had a positive effect on my ball striking and there is a general improvement across the board in just 3 weeks. I wish id bought this setup 5 years ago!!!

Finally - Mark and Andi were an absolute pleasure to deal with. There was a slight hiccup with the order but their comms were great and they sorted it all with minimum fuss and went above and beyond to ensure i was well taken care of. Cant recommend them or net highly enough :)

pic shows relative size packed down, and the setup in the garage. Vid shows size and how easily the net catches a full hit and returns the ball - ignore the terrible swing!

Sid Tass
The best gift

Perfect golf accessory, got the whole family involved in our backyard. Robust well made easy to set up. Thanks you Spornia

Leslie Garth

Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle #5: Net, 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat & Spornia Pop-up Chipping Net

Troy Vayanos
Perfect practice station

Easy to set up and put away and is a great addition to my practice equipment at home.

John Campbell
Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle

Great quality product and was delivered super quickly!