Our Story

A couple of years ago we bought a cheap net from our local golf retailer, set it up in the front yard, and started practicing... After a month or so of regular use a couple of holes appeared, and if you've ever hit a driver through a net into a paling timber fence you'll know how loud that is!

We bought a better net, but the same thing happened... So we researched Amazon for the highest-ranked quality golf net and discovered Spornia USA. In 2019 we travelled to Los Angeles, met the Spornia team and became their AU distributor. Read on for the story of how the Spornia team developed these great products:


For 20 years, aspiring athletes have used our Pop-Up sports practice nets to train their game — without even knowing it!  Since 1998, we have been the top Manufacturer and Distributor of Pop-Up Practice Net's to different brands such as: Callaway, Eastonbell Sports, Rawlings Sports and Franklin. 

But, one day our vendors told us that Pop-Up nets were falling “out of fashion". We believe in our products, so we decided to investigate the problem. It turns out that Pop-Up Practice net's bad reputation was due to our competitors heavily lowering the production quality to cut costs. 

We knew that we couldn’t compete with these low prices without compromising the quality of our products. So we decided to do the exact opposite, and offer the absolute best products in terms of quality and design using the best materials and top tier quality control to set our practice nets apart. 

But again, the vendors gave us a difficult time. They would not accept that our prices didn’t match those lower quality, but super cheap, alternatives that had entered the market.

We knew we had to do something radically different to stay in business. Something bold. So in 2016 we decided to manufacture and sell our practice nets directly to our customers under our own brand, Spornia.

That way we could maintain our high quality of production, materials and design, but at prices that can compete with the less durable alternatives, because we then were able to cut out the expensive middle man — the retail link.

We wanted young and aspiring athletes to have proper equipment to develop their skills and the local clubs to have training equipment that would stand the test of continued use. And under our own brand, we are able to use the quality materials needed to secure just that.

Aussie Customer Reviews

Based on 214 reviews

I used to Purchase Jamie Sadock Golf Clothing on line here in Australia and it came through in an email…..

Fantastic Hitting Net!

Wasn’t too sure what to expect when ordering this net but it’s exceed all my expectations. Absolutely fantastic product!!
Easy to pop up/down and can handle the impact of all clubs including driver.
If anyone is looking at a new net I would highly recommend this one. I went for the smaller compact net because of space issues but it still works a treat..
Thank you..

Practice made easy

Easy to setup and disassemble. Great for indoor use.

Great practice net Love it can take the punishment
Easy to set up and pack up can take it anywhere. Wish I found it sooner


The Spornia is ideal for developing consistency in your swing and your ball striking realisability. It enables you to practise all clubs in the bag and in particular chipping and pitching with the aid provided.

Very satisfied

Great product
Really good for chipping practice
Good for Driver
Not so good for full iron shots due to size of Matt provided,

The one to get...!

There are countless practice nets out there of varying price points and while Spornia isn't the cheapest, it is really the best money can buy. From its build quality, mobility, ease of assembly/disassembly , there really is nothing I could have wanted more from my practice net.

Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle #3: SPG-7 Net + 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat + Spornia Pop-up Chipping Net
Clint Worden

Brilliant works just how I wanted it service was also spot on
It’s made of great materials and the mat was perfect
Thanks so much Andi will recommend it to all my golfing 🏌️ mates

Best hitting net ever made!

If you do your research you’ll realise that the Spornia net is way better than the rest. Way better to use, more durable, better priced and easier to get than any of the others.
I’ve smash hundreds of balls at a time into it, including with a driver, no issue, and the ball return system is awesome. You can spend your whole range session whacking one ball. Very easy to set up and take down as well. Would highly recommend to anyone 👍

Fantastic Mat and service

Saw this mat on David Maxfield Golf Youtube channel and heard good things. Can confirm, postage was super fast, customer service was fantastic and the mat has been excellent so far. About 3 weeks of daily use with all clubs and not a single mark on it. Mine is positioned undercover outdoors and gets a little condensation underneath which does not effect the product at all. The grass is the perfect length and density to simulate fairway and the base absorbs impact enough to avoid wrist pain etc. Couldn't be happier with the product or service so far!

Tee Claw 4 Pack - Multi-purpose Training Aid

Awesome product

Great to use and easy to assemble

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle #3: SPG-7 Net + 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat + Spornia Pop-up Chipping Net
Peter Alexander
Ultimate practice net

This practice net is great, portable and so easy to assemble and pack up. Purchase and delivery was a breeze great product and great company to deal with.

Definitely worth the money.

The net is perfect and the mat even better then I expected. Only issue is my roof attachment came slightly ripped, however an amazing product which I would definitely recommend.


Allows for practice in my garage nothing better then hitting bombs whenever I want. 10/10


Simple to set up, great for at home practise. Purchased with 2D mat. Very happy.


Great product and brilliant customer service. Delivered within 2 days of purchase!

Great delivery time / terrific product

Arrived within a couple of days of order and oh so easy to assemble (and that’s coming from someone who once considered ordering a hit on the founder of IKEA). It really is worth the price compared to cheaper nets (although if you do spray ‘em, you might want to give some thought to adding side nets).

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Super fast delivery!

I've barely had a chance to use it yet, but it seems very solid and was hand delivered either the next day or day after ordering! Set up/pack up was fast and is easy as long as you have the knack of folding those sorts of things. You'll also need to consider what surface/mat you are going to hit off as well. Can't wait to use it more!

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Amazing design and quality! Extremely easy to put up, take down and take anywhere, and I can 100% compare against another practice net that I owned that was a nightmare to put up, take down and take anywhere!! Spornia have nailed it, and I highly recommend this net.

Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle #3: SPG-7 Net + 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat + Spornia Pop-up Chipping Net
Mark Casale

Brilliant product. No need for the driving range anymore.

Swing Low Point Indicator Mat & Portable Fairway Practice Mat Bundle
Michael Mcgarry
Swing low and practice mat

highly recommend these two products from spornia , excellent service from spornia as usual

Spornia SPG-7 Bundle #2

Great products, fast delivery, extremely happy with it.