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Our Story

A couple of years ago we bought a cheap net from our local golf retailer, set it up in the front yard, and started practicing... After a month or so of regular use a couple of holes appeared, and if you've ever hit a driver through a net into a paling timber fence you'll know how loud that is!

We bought a better net, but the same thing happened... So we researched Amazon for the highest-ranked quality golf net and discovered Spornia USA. In 2019 we travelled to Los Angeles, met the Spornia team and became their AU distributor. Read on for the story of how the Spornia team developed these great products:


For 20 years, aspiring athletes have used our Pop-Up sports practice nets to train their game — without even knowing it!  Since 1998, we have been the top Manufacturer and Distributor of Pop-Up Practice Net's to different brands such as: Callaway, Eastonbell Sports, Rawlings Sports and Franklin. 

But, one day our vendors told us that Pop-Up nets were falling “out of fashion". We believe in our products, so we decided to investigate the problem. It turns out that Pop-Up Practice net's bad reputation was due to our competitors heavily lowering the production quality to cut costs. 

We knew that we couldn’t compete with these low prices without compromising the quality of our products. So we decided to do the exact opposite, and offer the absolute best products in terms of quality and design using the best materials and top tier quality control to set our practice nets apart. 

But again, the vendors gave us a difficult time. They would not accept that our prices didn’t match those lower quality, but super cheap, alternatives that had entered the market.

We knew we had to do something radically different to stay in business. Something bold. So in 2016 we decided to manufacture and sell our practice nets directly to our customers under our own brand, Spornia.

That way we could maintain our high quality of production, materials and design, but at prices that can compete with the less durable alternatives, because we then were able to cut out the expensive middle man — the retail link.

We wanted young and aspiring athletes to have proper equipment to develop their skills and the local clubs to have training equipment that would stand the test of continued use. And under our own brand, we are able to use the quality materials needed to secure just that.