Spornia Golf Simulator 7-Step Buying Guide & Set-Up Ideas



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Until now you needed a permanent, dedicated space in your home for a simulator set-up - not to mention a deep wallet!

With your portable and affordable Spornia Golf Simulator, you can set-up in under five minutes, play 18 holes at Pebble Beach and then pack it away in even less time.

This level of convenience means you don’t need a dedicated space for set-up - although of course you can leave it set-up permanently if that's your preference.

The total cost for your Spornia Simulator set-up will be around $2k to $5k (with the higher end mainly depending on how much you spend on a projector), compared to anywhere from $5k to $100k for alternatives.

Checklist - What You Need:

1. Net & Space Requirements

2. Driving Range Mat

3. Launch Monitor & Simulator

4. Display Device - Projector?

5. Target Sheet (optional: only if you're using a projector)

6. Simulator Software

7. Safety Netting (optional)


1. The Net - Spornia SPG-7 or SPG-8

Your choice of net will depend on your budget and the amount of space you have. 

SPG-8 is bigger, stronger and heavier but quite a bit more expensive. The original SPG-7 Spornia net is also a great option. 

Space Requirements:

Ceiling height

  • Ideal ceiling height (to allow for Driver swing) is 3.0m (10 feet), but depending on the height of the player/s and clubs used, you may be able to get away with 2.7m (9 feet) ceilings. 
  • Lower ceilings such as 2.4m (8 feet) will mean you probably won’t be able to use a driver and will be restricted to iron play - again, depending on the player's height.

Room width

  • Minimums: 2m to 2.4m
  • SPG-7 dimensions = 2m wide x 2m deep x 2.1m high
  • SPG-8 dimensions = 2.4m wide x 2.4m deep x 2.5m high

Room length

  • Minimums: around 5-6m (16-18 feet)
  • With both Spornia nets, the target sheet and backing net are angled from front to back, with the main impact area in the middle of the net. The base of the back of the net can be hard up against the back wall, without the ball impacting.
  • For the SPG-7, if you add the 1.5m x 1.5m driving range mat and 1m for driver swing behind the mat, that's 2m + 1.5m + 1.0m = 4.5m in length.
  • For the SPG-8, you just need to add another 0.4m to the above measurements = 4.9m in length.
  •  If you add the Garmin Approach R-10 to your set-up, it should be 1.8m - 2.4m (6-8 feet) back from the ball. Assuming the ball is in the middle of your mat, for the Spornia SPG-7 you need 2m + 0.75m + 2.4m = 5.15, and for the Spornia SPG-8 add another 0.4m - 5.55m.

2. The Mat


Once you're fully set-up with your golf simulator you're going to be using it a lot, so you'll need a practice mat that can take a beating and will last for years. We recommend a full-sized, high quality driving range quality mat such as the Spornia Commercial Academy Mat.


 3. Launch Monitor & Simulator


Spornia recommends and sells the Garmin Approach R10 

The Garmin has been rated the #1 personal launch monitor (with golf simulation capabilities) under $1k for a couple of years running, but competitors have been actively developing other products, so it's always worth doing your research.

Check out our article on Garmin Approach R10: Portable Launch Monitor Set-up Tips for more details.

Another great option is the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) 2 Pro.

If you're not sold on the Garmin Approach R10, here are a few articles which review and rank the best portable launch monitors (*Note: not all products reviewed have golf simulation capabilities):

Golfstead: 8 Best Golf Launch Monitors Under $1000 – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Breaking 80: Best Golf Launch Monitors of 2023: 8 Amazing Options

 4. Display Device

Once you've got your launch monitor connected, you'll need a device to display your results. Options include:

  • your mobile phone
  • an iPad or tablet
  • your laptop or computer
  • a TV monitor screen

Using one of these is a great way to get started, but the disadvantage of these options is that you'll need to look across to them after you've hit your shot to see results. 

If you want the ultimate golf simulator experience, you'll need projector and a Spornia White Target Sheet. For projector recommendations and resources, check out our Golf Simulator Projector Buying Guide


 5. Target sheet

If you’re using a projector, you can project directly onto a Spornia White Target Sheet hanging from your net for a much more realistic experience - hitting shots directly onto the course or range, seeing the ball flight, and seeing your shots land (hopefully on the fairways and greens!) - then checking and correlating all of your shot data metrics.

*Note: While our White Target Sheets are square with a 1:1 aspect ratio, the majority of projectors have an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. You will need to adjust your projector and/or source settings to capture the full simulator images on your white target sheet. 

Refer to the 'aspect ratio' section of our Golf Simulator Projector Buying Guide for more details.

And here are our White Target Sheets.


 6. Simulator Software

To turn your launch monitor into a simulator, you will need to subscribe to or purchase a simulator software program.

There are a number of different options, including:

Of these, our #1 recommendation based on feedback from our customers and users is Awesome Golf. It’s a video game type of simulator, with fun graphics and some very cool games, and a particularly awesome Coaching Mode - if your focus is game improvement and getting the most our of the Garmin Approach R10 this is a great, and relatively affordable option.

But note that Awesome Golf doesn't include any renditions of real-life courses - instead it offers 4 different fictional or virtual courses to play. So if you want more realistic imagery we would recommend other options such as GSPro v2, or if you want to play top 100 courses such as Pebble Beach, Royal Melbourne or Spyglass Hill, check out GSPro v2 or E6 Connect.

But for overall accuracy, pricing and enjoyment it's hard to beat Awesome Golf.

Awesome Golf’s pricing is unusual. After the 14 day free trial (which we recommend to try before you buy), you have the option of paying Monthly (one up-front payment of $399.99, then $14.99 per month) or Lifetime (one-off payment of AU$549.99) - which means that after 10 months of Monthly, you'd be much better off paying Lifetime.

Here's why David Maxfield recommends Awesome Golf:


If you'd like to explore simulator software options further, see below for some more detailed articles with rankings and recommendations:

Yardstick Golf: Get the Best Golf Simulator Software

Hitting The Golf Ball: The 9 Best Golf Simulator Software

And the below YouTube video review from Joe Lagowski Golf provides a great summary of the pros and cons of the different simulator software options for the Garmin Approach R10, including GSPro, E6 Connect, Awesome Golf and the Garmin Golf App:



7. Safety netting (optional)

Using safety netting in conjunction with your practice net can provide some additional peace of mind. 

Golf practice nets are designed to catch and retain golf balls, but there's always a chance of shanks or balls flying off in unintended directions, especially with less experience players. By adding a pair of Spornia side extension nets you create an extra layer of protection.

If you want to add a complete layer of protection - which may be worth considering in some cases, such as where you have a brick or concrete wall behind your simulator set-up, or breakables which need protection - we would recommend purchasing and hanging a large piece of sports netting across the back wall. This doesn't need to be heavy duty netting as it should only capture the occasional stray shot. Suppliers such as Haverford in Sydney offer a wide range of sports netting which can be purchased either by the metre or in ready-made sizes and styles.

Putting it all together

Ok, if you've survived information overload and understand what you need to set-up your Spornia home golf simulator, you'll need some inspiration. 


VIDEO: David Maxfield: Garmin R10 Lounge Room INDOOR Golf Simulator Set-up

VIDEO: David Maxfield: Garmin R10 - You Need This Golf Net ASAP!!

VIDEO: David Maxfield: Garmin R10 - Best Home SIM Under $2k FOR EVERYTHING!!


Spornia Golf Simulator Customer Photos:

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Aussie Customer Reviews

Based on 362 reviews
Poor stitches

Bought this 10 days ago, used it twice.
Tonight was the second time, velcro came off and side stitches too.

Now for the oeuvre you'd want it to last more than 2 evenings.

The sheet material is actually good and with a good quality projector the images are nice and neat.

But for that price i espect something that lays at least 2-3 months and not 40 minutes.

Hi Edoardo, thanks for letting us know you received a faulty Target Sheet. We've sold many Target Sheets without this issue arrising before, so we appreciate you alerting us. It's really important to us to provide nothing but the highest quality products so if something is not up to expectations, we are more than happy to replace it.

We apologise for the incoveience and will send you a replacement straight away.
The Spornia Team

Save the game

Net came on time, is easy to assemble and dismantle. Getting used to hitting into a net in my small backyard which is taking a little time.
I'm sure it will eventually do the job I purchased it for. The grandkids love it.

Thanks for the review Leigh and hope you're getting use to hitting in the smaller space - great for your golf in the long run! And pleased that it's keeping the grandkids happy too - winner!

The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG 8 Practice Net

Net is too big for the sticks provided to hold it up… constantly leaning on one side

Hi Than, Sorry to hear your net is leaning to one side. Hopefully you have received my previous correspodence. Occasionally the nets can develop a lean. It is usually very easily fixed and if there is actually a fault in the net, we will always replace it. We are always available for a phone call to help you with any issues that arise with our products, so please reach out if you are still having an issue.

The Spornia Team

Side nets

Side nets were out of stock so haven’t received them as yet

Sorry for the delay on the Side-nets Michael. They will be in next week and I will express post them straight away.

Thanks for your patience.
The Spornia Team

Great net love it

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Very happy with my SPG-7 practice net. The net is as described very easy to put up and take down and looks very robust. I've been using it for just over a week now and have found no issues with it at all. I fully expect it to last a long time.
Thanks to the team at Spornia Australia.

Hi David, thanks for taking the time to write a review, we really appreicate it. Glad to hear you're happy with your net and getting a lot of use of it.

The Spornia Team


excellent net and mat I got from them. also very good communication and advice.

Thanks so much for the review Andrew. Really glad to hear your happy with your set up.

The Spornia Team

Excellent product

3x Black Rubber Tees

3x Black Rubber Tees

Spornia Net

Brilliant product. Easy to set up and put away. Can use all clubs comfortably without the worry of missing the net. I use outdoors.

Great to hear you're enjoying your net Gareth, and finding it easy to put up and down. Thanks for the review.
The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net

Great product and great service , Mark personally delivered this to us before Xmas in NSW.

Thanks for the great review Garrad and Mark enjoyed his road trip playing Santa :) Happy customers makes it all worth while!

The Spornia Team

Exceeded my expectations!

Firstly what a champion Mark from Sponia was delivering my new net before Xmas, great commitment to customer service. The SPG-7 net and 2D mat are sensational and I can’t wait to use it every day, thanks again

Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for the great feedback. Makes it all worthwhile knowing we've made our customer's happy. Hope you hitting them well.

The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG-8 Bundle #5: Spornia SPG-8 Net + Spornia Academy Commercial Golf Mat

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Fantastic Net with even better service!!!!!

I can’t believe the effort you guys made to make sure everyone had there products before Christmas.

The net itself is awesome so easy to put up and take down I have used it home taken to the oval. The net quality is spot on I look forward to many more sessions with it.



Hi Dan, thanks so much for the great review. Love the set up! We really enjoyed playing Santa and delivering to as many as we could pre Christmas. Glad you're loving it and finding it easy to use.

Happy Golfing!
The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG-7 Pro Bundle #4: SPG-7 Net + 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat
Mick Tucker
Hitting mat and practice net

Love the mat and net combo. Awesome being able to put in practice all of my Utube tips😬😉
Highly recommended 👏🤙

Thanks for the review and recommendation Mick, appreciate it. Hope you're hitting them well.
Happy Gollfing!
The Spornia Team

The best

A bit sceptical about a home golf net! But this is by far the best practice aid I have ever bought 👌🏻

So pleased to hear you're happy with your net Kevin and thanks for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it.
The Spornia Team

Great product, Great company, great people who go above and beyond

Thanks so much Troy, really appreciate the great feedback. Hope you're hitting them well.
The Spornia Team

Love it

Love the net

Great to hear it, thanks Andrew!

The Spornia Team

Golf Simulator Target Sheet - White (2 Sizes)


An expensive set up that at least delivers.
Im a high handicapper and need the practice and with this set up in my garage, i have every confidence in hitting my inconsistant shots into a solid net.

Great to hear your getting plenty of use of your SPG-8 Charles, really appreciate you taking the time to review it.

The Spornia Team

Great net. Originally had smaller SPG-5 but upgraded for insurance as I’m prone to spraying a few!!
Easy to pop up and pack away. If you’re looking for a net I would highly recommend this one..

Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net

I previously had the more compact SPG-5 net but ultimately decided that was too small. My game needs something slightly bigger for insurance!
SPG-8 more or less the same as SPG-5 but obviously bigger. Easy enough to pop up and just as easy packing away. Can handle all clubs including driver and if you’re in the market for a golf net I would highly recommend this one.
As far as delivery went my net was with me within 4 days. Excellent communication and an all round positive experience.

Hi Justin,

Great to hear your happy with the upgrade to SPG-8 and finding it easy to put up and down. Hope you're hitting them well! Thanks for the review.

The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG-8 Bundle #8: Spornia SPG-8 Net & 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat
bruce o'leary
golf net and mat

Can’t fault it, great products, service and delivery, and easy to set up.

Thanks so much for the great review Bruce and pleased to hear happy with the Net and Mat set up.

Happy golfing!
The Spornia Team

Spornia Golf Simulator Bundle #3: SPG-7 Net + 3D Pro Turf Teaching Mat + Garmin Approach® R10
Jason Grinnell
Best Practice Ever

Having a net mat and launch monitor has literally changed my life, seriously, I can practice as much as I want, safely in my backyard, great apps to help improve my game, I couldn’t recommend this set up more highly is extremely well built, the net quality is exceptional and the mat is better than my driving range has, I’m a very happy customer

Thanks so much Jason! We love happy customers, it makes us very happy too :)
Great to hear you're loving the set up.

Happy Golfing!
The Spornia Team