Golf Simulator Projector Buying Guide

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One of the most important decisions when you're setting up your home golf simulator is whether to buy a projector, and if so, which one?

Many of our Spornia customers start off by using their Garmin Approach R10 (or other golf launch monitor and simulator) connected to their phone, laptop, tablet or TV monitor. This is an easy and affordable option, but the obvious disadvantage is that you need to look across to your device after you've hit your shot, to see the results. 

Having a projector can take your simulator set-up to the next level. Combined with one of our white target sheets, you can project directly onto the impact screen and see your ball flight, the course you're playing, and all the key stats right in front of you. It's the next best thing to actually being on the course.

*Note: There are two ways to decide on which projector to buy: Either do all of your own research (see below!), or just ring or visit a projector store, describe your situation, and ask for their recommendations - many of them publish their own projector buying guides such as this one from (If you're asking for recommendations, it's worth quickly reading the section on Aspect Ratios below first...).

What are the key considerations when buying a projector? 

1. Budget. How much do you need to spend? Projectors don't come cheap, and you're looking at anywhere from $900 to $6,000 or more. And generally you get what you pay for - the more you pay, the better quality imaging and performance you get.

2. Location & Light. One of the great things about a Spornia-based Golf Simulator is that it's portable and not permanent, so you don't need a dedicated space - you can set-it up in around five minutes, play a round, and then pack it away.

But choosing the right location is important, firstly because you need enough space to swing freely, and secondly because of the presence of ambient light - excessive light and glare can wash out the quality of the projected image, so the darker your room is the more realistic your virtual golf experience will be.

3. Mounting - Floor or Ceiling? Short-Throw or Long-Throw? A ceiling mounted short-throw projector is generally the preferred option (mounted 1m to 1.2m back from the screen), because it gets the projector out of the way and eliminates shadows.

However it isn't aways possible to install a ceiling mount, so the alternative is placing your projector on the floor, or a low table or stand. This is the simplest and cheapest option, but using a standard or long-throw projector will introduce shadowing so most experts recommend using a short-throw projector.

However you will need the projector offset from the centre of the screen, so make sure your model includes offset and keystone adjustment options. You may also want to consider buying a projector enclosure, to protect it from the odd shank :)

4. Projector-To-Screen Distance? You can easily measure the correct distance from your projector to your screen using this very cool Projector Throw Distance Calculator from the team at Projector Central. You can either search by projector type, or input the throw distance and screen size.

5. Aspect Ratio. Aspect ratio describes the shape of the projected image, or the ratio of the width to the height. It's very important to consider the relationship between your projector's aspect ratio, your screen's aspect ratio, and that of your simulator software. In the olden days, most projectors had a 4:3 ratio but nowadays the majority of projectors will project in a widescreen ratio of 16:9 or 16:10.

However, some golf simulator software will only display on a 4:3 ratio (a squarer image), and if you're using a Spornia net and our white target sheet, your screen will be square or a ratio of 1:1. While there are no projectors that have an aspect ratio of 1:1, in most cases you can adjust your projector to project this aspect ratio, either via the projector's settings or via your source (laptop, phone etc) settings.

Alternatively, you can use a projector with a ratio such as 4:3 or 16:9 and then choose to either fill the screen and have part of the image project off the sides, or accept the presence of 'masking bars' (these are the black bars at the top and bottom of your screen).

6. Resolution. Projector resolutions include Standard, High, Full HD, Ultra HD and 4K. The majority of golf simulator projectors are Full HD resolution, which is also known as 1080p (1920 x 1080), and these options are more affordable and provide great image quality. 

More recently golf simulator projectors are Ultra HD or 4K projectors, which provide 4 times the pixels of a 1080p projector, but they are much more expensive and may not provide significantly more bang for your buck.

7. Brightness (Lumens). One of the last considerations is how bright your projector needs to be. This will depend on a number of factors including the amount of ambient light in your room, the distance from your projector to the screen, and the quality of image required. As a general rule you need a projector with at least 3,000 ANSI lumens, otherwise you will need to be playing in the dark!

We hope that helps - as always, email or call if you have any questions.

Mark & Andi

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Aussie Customer Reviews

Based on 386 reviews
Academy practice mat kit

Excellent piece of kit for your training/ practice set up

Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net

Net is high quality, looking forward to many years of use

The next best thing to golf nets at your golf course

Service/delivery/communication was better than Scottie Sheffler’s caddie and major sponsor.

I had some trepidation regarding the nets ability to control driver and full wedge shots. But no, it does as it claims and you can really go after every shot/club in your bag.
The 2D mat is as good as the Santa Ana Couch in late spring at Augusta……minus the coloured sand filled divots!

Haha! Love it! Thanks so much for that review Joseph and so pleased to hear your happy with your set up.

Happy golfing!
The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG-7 Practice Net

I haven't used the net as yet, I have however set it up ready for tomorrow. It took me a lot of research to find what I hoped would be a good net that I thought would last and fit into the small area I have to practice, hesitant at first due to the cost, I finally took the plunge, I couldn't be happier, the quality of this net compared to others I have seen far exceeds my expectations, you can definitely see where every dollar has been used. The frame is strong but remains pliable enough to pack away into the travel bag, the netting is going to stand up to anything I can drive into it, and, it folds down easily and quickly to rest against the wall as the shed I will be using it in is only maybe 3 feet wider than the net when setup. All in all I am more than happy with my purchase of the Spornia SPG-7

Hi Russell,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it. Great to hear you're happy with the quality of your SPG-7 and finding it easy to put up and down. Hope you're hitting them well!

The Spornia Team

Very happy

Excellent quality and works very well. Happy I spent a bit more for this premium net, shipping was quick. You won’t be disappointed

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review, we love very happy customers :)

Happy golfing!
The Spornia Team

Home Set Up

Great net, easy to set up

Great photos Lee, thanks for sending them and writing a review. Great to hear your enjoying the set up.

The Spornia Team

Convenient and sturdy

The Spornia net is simple to set up and fold down after use. Its shape means it collects and returns the balls you hit to one spot, rather than you having to chase them around the back yard. It's also very sturdy and will withstand lots of shots being hit will all your clubs.

Thanks for the great review Peter, we appreciate it! Happy to hear you're enjoying your net.

Happy golfing!
The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG 8 and 2D Driving Mat

Bought the larger SPG 8 Net. Very easy to put up and take down. Side nets are great. Bought the white out screen and will set up as a portable simulator. The Mat is great and highly recommend it

Thanks Brian and great to hear you're happy with your set up.

The Spornia Team

quality product in sizes to match needs.


Firstly I would like to thank Spornia for their prompt attention to delivery I had expected to wait at least a week but it was delivered within two days
I have used the net and found it so easy on set up and dismantling the unit is a breeze the noise off impact of the ball is really quite compared to other nets I have used
I wish I had seen this prior to purchasing those other nets
Great unit as I don’t have a lot of room and have to pack up when I’m finished and stores easily in my garage
Best I’ve seen and used well done Spornia team

Thanks so much for the great review Neil. Love hearing you're enjoying the quality and ease of putting it up and down. Hope you're hitting them well.

The Spornia Team

So far so good

So far it has taken a beating and seems ok

Spornia bundle

Thanks to the team at door is for looking after me with my purchase of the net and mag package. Absolutely fantastic product. I’ve had it for 2 weeks and my swing has improved dramatically. 100% confidence using net indoors and out. Easy to set up and take down. Highly recommended

That's fantastic Peter - great result! Very pleased to hear you're enjoying it.

The Spornia Team

Not delivered

Item still not delivered after 2 weeks from order. Can’t get any feed back so far where the item is

3d mat

Great mat

Target sheet

Great reliable product, great service and resonably priced

Fantastic practise net!

This is a fantastic practise net, I usually regularly to play sims and driving ranges with my Garmin Approach R10. The net itself is very sturdy, I can do full drives into it. Very quick and easy to setup and pack down, it wouldn't take me more than a minute.

Thanks Alex, so pleased to hear your enjoying your net and finding it easy to put up and down.

Hit them well!
The Spornia Team


Hubby loves it

So pleased to hear your hubbie loves it Sylvia - happy days :)


Golf ball, still finds a lot of gaps to escape at the edges.
Could have been more better designed for the corners rather than just couple flimsy Velcros - Sure room for improvement Spornia 😉


Awesome product

Absolutely love my new golf net.

Great to hear it Aaron. Thanks for writing a review, really appreciate it.

The Spornia Team

Happy buyer.

Awesome product. So far totally happy.

We love a happy buyer :) Thanks for taking the time to write a review Ray. Hope you're hitting them well.

The Spornia Team

Golf net

Really good product

Great service

Thanks so much Chris and great to hear you're happy with your Net.

Happy Golfing!
The Spornia Team

Far better than expectations

Upgraded to the SPG-8 from a cheaper net and didn't expect the difference to be this significant.

Build quality 10/10
Ease of construction (and takedown) 10/10
Bounceback 10/10
Shank nets - lifesaver! 10/10

The mat is also fantastic, no more wrist pain but also realistic and doesn't hide your bad shots

Excellent! So happy to hear this Andrew and thank you so much for the awesome review.

Happy golfing!
The Spornia Team

Spornia SPG8

Why buy anything else. Very sceptical when I was buying the net. Upon receiving my order, boy was I wrong. Heavy, well built, tough net and borders. Even the hitting fabric ooze with quality. Very well worth the police I paid for it. I've bought heaps of other nets before and the quality does not come close. Trust me, stop wasting your money on cheaper nets. You're saving in the long run.

Thanks so much Macdonald and really pleased to hear you're happy with your Net. Hit them well!

The Spornia Team

Love the Spornia net. Improved a lot since I’ve had mine. Can hit a few balls and practice my swing every day of the week.

Love your work Spornia

Thanks Nathan, so pleased to hear you're putting the net to good use and seeing the improvements - love it!

Happy golfing!
The Spornia Team